Gaspare Moscone (b.1986) is a Italo-Australian artist whose practise explores the complexity of human behaviour which collectively forms and shapes society and culture.

Born and raised in Italy where he specialised in traditional sculpture and marble carving, he now lives and works in Sydney.

Gaspare aims to establish a bodily dialogue between the mundane and the spiritual. He investigates the tension among philosophical ideas and belief systems inspired by his personal upbringing within a catholic world which stretches back in time to pagan roots.

His work invites an interplay between the viewer and the object through myth and metaphor. It is designed to interrogate the fragile duality of virtue and malice which inscribes itself in the behaviour of humanity.

Working primarily in sculpture and installation, heĀ is on a constant search for harmony of form and feeling between ephemeral and existential concepts and the physical testimony of unspoken emotions.

Photo by Mark Pokorny