ICARUS - Statuario Marble Italy

ICARUS – “Trace of Life”

Plastic initially emerged as a means to liberate animals from the enslavement of the ivory industry. Ironically, it has now become the catalyst for a new crisis ensnaring humanity into a perilous catastrophe. This artwork questions whether the cultural and spiritual awareness of our own doing has lost its importance in the face of our own intellectual exuberance.

Dimension 80 x 20 x 15 cm

Photo by Mark Pokorny 

ALETHEIA - Molong Australian Marble


These bones find timeless existence in marble, granting enduring witness.

Relics hold narratives. Deformity and marks translates the very imprecise happening of life, like the countless events that shape experiences of all creatures.

This artwork is a relic – to invokes power and knowledge, reminding of delicate lives once supported. Unwavering, it reveals hidden truths, often overlooked and unacknowledged, standing as a testament to the ultimate silence of our actions and the fragility of human behaviour.

Dimension  15 x 45 x 45 cm

Photo by Mark Pokorny

SIBLING - Bianco Carrara Marble


Our weapons visible.

In the archetypal story of jealousy and murder from Genesis, Cain is often portrayed in the action of killing Abel, his only brother, with the jawbone of an animal – a powerful representation of how violence emerges from intimacy. The creative love which brings forth life runs into its own shadow: the weaponised jaw bone taken from the creature that gave its life to nourish and sustain growth and the destructive jealousy which grows alongside familial care.

The darkness is compounded when we, like Cain, hide from this violence and refuse to take responsibility.

This work renders and makes visible the fragile dichotomy of human strength and weakness. Marble itself has been used for thousands of years to signify places of worship – yet it is also a symbol of extravagance, greed, luxury. Chosen here for its ductility and long lasting qualities it can also be used as a medium to ground the abstract and make manifest that which is hidden.

This artwork is a witness to our conflicted identities. It stands as a kind of revelation – that it is only in the revelation and visibility of our weaponised selves that we might find a kind of redemption.

Dimension 30 x 15 x 7 cm

Photo By Mark Pokorny 

CROSSROADS - Bianco Carrara Marble


Titled “Crossroads,’ this marble sculpture consists of two human bones positioned in a cross shape.

The artwork invites the viewer to reflect upon the deeply rooted human condition in which the more profound sense of self awareness or spiritual success is often replaced with an egotistical desire for possession of and power over the material.

The crossed bones become a symbol that remembers the folklore of the crossroads where one might make a deal with dark forces in exchange for materialistic gain.

Dimension approximately: 50 x 50 cm

Photo by Mark Pokorny